HairTraffik is a Human Hair Company whose goal is to import the finest Virgin and Remy hair from around the planet in bulk for sole purpose of bringing it to your doorstep at wholesale prices! Our product is priced at 25 to 30% cheaper than most of our competitors selling a comparable product! We are able to do this because our company is 100% internet based…In fact our motto is “No Brick And Mortar…Just All Click And Order!” Unlike most human hair companies, our goal is not to flood discount beauty stores throughout the African American Community; our goal is to make our product exclusive by only offering it at the salon, beautician or individual level. We are a socially conscious company, therefore we like to think of our signature brand which is called Zanta, as more than a brand! Its a statement! We support causes like the fight for breast cancer, poverty in under served communities and the prevention of domestic violence just to name a few! We believe that we can do good for the community and do well for ourselves in the process! We look forward to a you trying our product and a long standing relationship thereafter! Thank you for choosing HairTraffik for your human hair company.